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Kulkan Security provides state of the art security services to organizations all around the globe. We are based in Argentina, South America. We are happy to help our customers improve their security posture; we are confident of our expertise and experience.

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Over 15 years of experience in the Industry

  • PREVENT disclosure of your valuable assets by impersonating real-world attackers targetting your organization.

  • REVIEW THE DESIGN of your solutions prior to, during, or even after implementation.

  • DISCOVER WEAKNESSES in your external and internal network infrastructure. Are you properly segmenting and securing your core business? How about your guest network?

  • Impersonate employees or vendors, to MEASURE IMPACT in case of a malicious incident. Attacks don’t just come from the Internet.

  • SECURE YOUR IMPLEMENTATION which handles credit card data, health data, personal information, media assets. We can validate if those watermarks are strong enough to remain on top.

Information Security services

Kulkan Security offers an extensive set of Information Security services, including manual Source Code Reviews, Reverse Engineering and Black-box testing
of applications, as well as external and internal Network Penetration Testing services, optionally including Client-Side attacks.

Application Security

Whether it's Web based, standalone, embedded, or mobile, Kulkan Security offers two main approaches at the time of auditing your systems and applications: Source Code Reviews and/or Black-box testing. In both cases, the audit process is essentially manual, that way beating in quality of results any existing automated solution.

Mobile Security

A manual approach at breaking Mobile applications. Test how your applications communi- cate with its server infrastructure and whether they behave properly in user devices. Kulkan Security has extensive expe- rience in multiple platforms and device environments.

Network & WiFi

Our Network and Wireless Penetration Testing services mimic an attacker’s attempt to break into your network infrastructure, gain access to your databases, financial records and customer information, among other sensitive areas.

Client-side Attacks

We can help you identify points of entry to your internal network by targetting your employees and their mobile/work stations.

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